Routine checktop reveals more than impaired driver

Routine checktop reveals more than impaired driver

A routine stop at the Winnipeg Police Service’s annual Check Stop program led to more than an impaired driving charge. 

Police say they were doing a line check of drivers in the area of Main Street and Market Avenue on Tuesday night when they came across a man without a driver’s license or paperwork for the rental car he was driving. 

Police noticed the driver appeared to be impaired and had a syringe lying next to him. The driver copped to injecting meth earlier that day and a drug recognition exam determined that the man was impaired via a central nervous system stimulant. Police made the arrest and found two points of meth in the driver’s possession. 

Police also found out that the man had been driving a vehicle that had been stolen in Scarborough, Ont. The driver also gave police a false name, an identity they had to find out through his fingerprints. 

Rommel Celfo Jimenez, 42 from no fixed address has been charged with several offences, including possession of a scheduled substance and possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000. 

He was detained in custody. 



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