Almost 100% rent increase in two years

Almost 100% rent increase in two years

I'll try to keep this concise.

Tried to look up info online to avoid bothering you fine people, but alas:

I moved into my apartment with my gf in October of 2017. (lease year or w.e starts in August) South Osborne. Two bedroom. Newly renovated kitchen/bath with new everything.

Our rent was $710/month, but we're told that they were applying for a rent increase that would probably bump it up to ~$950.

August 2018 came around, and it got bumped up to $960.

We're ok paying under $1K for this place, but we just got a letter saying that they're applying for yet another increase in rent. They'll be applying to increase it to ~$1350.

Is this unusual? That seems like an intense increase in two years, with no improvements made to our suite, or any of the common areas (no that there are any tbh)

Any info helps

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