A question to handymen about home renovations & asbestos

A question to handymen about home renovations & asbestos

I just bought my first house in the Riverview area (built 1914), and am considering renovations involving removing plaster & lathe, popcorn ceiling, as well as a partial wall removal. I bought this house with the intent of learning how to do renovations (and subsequently, learning how to fix my fuck-ups). I'm less concerned about price than I am about learning. I'm trying to keep all of my renovations (minus electrical & major plumbing) "amateur"

As i've gone down the countless youtube holes of DIY jobs, tips, and tricks of home-ownership/renovations, one of the scarier areas to navigate is the potential of asbestos in your home. Depending on the source, there's quite the spectrum of fear-mongering to wade through.

WSH advises costly professionals take control of any and all renovations, while amateur youtubers say a P100 respirator, proper clothing, and proper prep are the keys to keeping a job safe, and that the hype around asbestos has largely been overplayed.

I plan on getting sections of the walls and ceilings tested from a company highly touted on these boards a few years back (ALS Environmental), but to ease my mind in the meantime, i call upon the powers of the internet:

My question goes to handymen, contractors, and other lay-people of r/winnipeg who have dealt with 100+ year old houses: how cautious of asbestos are you when doing renovations?

Any and all comments welcome.

Many thanks in advance!

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